Advantages of handleless design for fitted bathroom furniture

Fitted bathroom furniture is a popular and stylish option for any bathroom space, large or small. And while these can be designed in a range of different options, handleless design is becoming increasingly popular. But what are the advantages and benefits of handleless design for fitted bathroom furniture? Well, here at Homematas we are Preston’s leading bathroom experts and this is our guide to everything you should know about handleless design for fitted bathroom furniture.

What are the advantages of handleless design for fitted bathroom furniture?

Opting for handleless design when using fitted bathroom furniture is a great option that can bring a number of benefits and advantages. These include:

  • Saving space- for a smaller bathroom with fitted bathroom furniture, adding handles to the doors or each cupboard, cabinet or drawer can take up more space than you might realise. This is because the handles protrude from the surface of the cabinet doors, taking up space within the room and potentially being bumped into while the bathroom is in use. As a result, removing these can help your bathroom feel larger and more roomy, while still being incredibly practical.
  • Contemporary stylish design- handleless cabinets aren’t just for the smaller bathrooms though, as these can also be very beneficial in larger bathroom spaces too, especially for creating a clean, smooth and stylish contemporary result. This can be very striking for contemporary bathroom spaces where all design aspects are chosen to be cohesive to the overall design of the space.
  • Inventive solutions- handleless design may remove protruding handles from your bathroom cabinet doors, but instead these doors can use push to open technology allowing the doors to open when gently pushed, or inset handles can be added instead.

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