Baths & showers of impeccable quality

We look for innovative and stylish designs although it has to be to a superb quality, something both we feel passionate about selling and our fitters enjoy installing. Your bath or shower is not just any old space- it’s your feel good haven, that why it’s important to choose the right one for you to let go and enjoy every moment. Why not be inspired by a trip to our 7,700 sq ft showroom in Bamber Bridge, Preston?

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Immerse yourself in a world of choice and find your perfect bath and shower

For baths of quality and style, you can count on us here at Homematas. We can offer something to suit any space and taste including standard baths, freestanding baths, roll top baths, and slipper baths.

Standard baths are the most common type of baths for UK homes with a rectangular shape that usually fits along one wall.

Freestanding baths can command any space visually and these baths are a fantastic bathroom focal point. They often have a more luxurious and traditional appearance and come in various styles, such as roll-top, slipper, or claw-foot.

Corner baths are designed to fit into the corner of a bathroom. They are triangular in shape, allowing them to save space while still providing a comfortable bathing area.

The bath you choose needs to meet all your requirements, both in terms of practicality as well as style, and that’s what we can help with here at Homematas.

Shower installations can be a highly practical choice for any bathroom while also adding a stylish visual design. From walk in showers to shower quadrants or enclosures the shower space you create can be a luxurious and relaxing oasis of calm.

A walk in shower creates a shower space with no step, that is divided from the rest of the bathroom with a screen. This creates a very stylish and attractive feature for your bathroom, whether it’s traditional or contemporary in design.

A shower enclosure or quadrant creates a shower space that is enclosed in a corner of the bathroom, using sliding or folding doors. With this design you may fit both a shower and a bath in a mid sized bathroom space.

For the perfect shower for your space, choose Homematas! We value product quality, design, and great customer service.

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