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Prepare to be inspired as you embark on a journey through our expansive 7,700 square foot showroom, where every corner unveils a diverse range of bathroom designs that fuse comfort, sophistication, and functionality. Experience the difference of Homematas and let your bathroom dreams flourish in our inspiring showroom.

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A space to experience the artistry of bathroom design

Our showroom is not just a place to see; it’s a space to experience the artistry of bathroom design. As you explore our thoughtfully curated displays, you’ll discover the potential to transform your bathroom into a personal haven, a space that blends your aesthetic preferences with your daily routine’s practicality.

From contemporary luxury to traditional charm

From contemporary luxury to traditional charm, our bathroom displays represent a spectrum of styles that cater to every taste and preference. Witness the exquisite details, the quality materials, and the seamless functionality that define our products. Immerse yourself in the possibilities as you envision the tranquil mornings and rejuvenating evenings that await in your new bathroom.

bathroom display in Preston, Lancs

Beyond the aesthetics, a bathroom should harmonise with your lifestyle

Beyond the aesthetics, a bathroom should harmonize with your lifestyle. Our experienced team is on hand to guide you through our displays, offering expert insights, answering queries, and tailoring suggestions to your unique requirements. We understand that a bathroom renovation is a significant decision, and our showroom is designed to empower you with the knowledge needed to make informed choices.

A space to retreat and recharge

At Homematas, we believe that a well-designed bathroom is a sanctuary, a space to retreat and recharge. Our showroom reflects this belief, inviting you to touch and feel the quality, to witness the attention to detail, and to experience the luxury that defines our products.

Embark on the journey to your dream bathroom at Homematas’ showroom

Witness the transformation that thoughtfully designed bathrooms can bring, and explore the possibilities that match your vision and lifestyle. Our experts are ready to assist you in finding the perfect bathroom that encapsulates your desires and practical needs. Please note that our showroom displays are regularly updated to showcase the latest trends and designs.

Our showroom displays are subject to change as we consistently refresh our collection to showcase the latest trends and designs