Inspiring wall tiles from the worlds most prestigious suppliers

We import our tile range from leading suppliers in Europe, and we have had an excellent relationship with our suppliers for over two decades! We have a selection of bold colours, different textures or pretty designs, we honestly have thousands of tile choices to look at, not only are they exceptional to look at, they are also manufactured to a remarkable quality.

Homematas has a huge range of modern & traditional kitchen wall and floor tiles and colourful glass kitchen splashbacks in an array of colours to choose from.

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Create a visual feature with wall tiling

Whether it’s a stunning contemporary bathroom, or an elegant traditional kitchen, the right wall tiles can set the visual tone and transform any room. You can choose from a wide variety of colours, patterns, textures, and finishes, to create a variety of visual effects. So whether you are looking to achieve a sleek and modern look, or a rustic and natural ambiance, wall tiles can be the perfect choice.

Looking to brighten up a small bathroom or a narrow hallway? Wall tiles can be the perfect solution. Choosing wall tiles with a glossy surface can instantly brighten up any space. These tiles will reflect the light, creating a brighter and more spacious feel to any room, which can make a huge difference to any small space.

A durable and long lasting option

Wall tiles are a durable and long lasting option for walls in any room in your property. While paint can chip and become stained, and wallpaper can be damaged or ripped, wall tiles offer much increased longevity. Resistant to wear and tear and naturally waterproof, wall tiles are not likely to be scratched or stained, so you can enjoy the stylish visual design for many years to come.

Feature wall tiling can be a great addition to any space. From shower enclosures to kitchen splashbacks, a wall tiling feature uses colour, texture, design and style to direct attention and add character and personality to any room in the room.