Sleek and extremely stylish ultra-modern kitchens

Available in up to 20 on trend colours the contemporary range allows you to create a sleek and extremely stylish ultra-modern kitchen. We have some amazing modern kitchens on display at our 7,700 sq ft showroom in Bamber Bridge, and below are some typical kitchen design styles.

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Contemporary kitchen design offers a sleek and modern aesthetic, paired with functionality and an efficient layout

Combining simplicity of design with clean lines, and innovative materials, a contemporary kitchen can be a highly effective choice for any home.

Minimalist design is a key feature of any contemporary kitchen and this means that you can expect cabinets with flat, smooth surfaces and handle-less doors. This creates a kitchen that has a seamless design and an enhanced visual aesthetic, perfect for contemporary homes.

Contemporary kitchens also focus on efficient design. Storage cabinets and kitchen appliances are positioned and arranged to provide the maximum benefit and the most effective flow for your kitchen space, so you can switch between cooking and entertaining guests easily.

This focus on efficiency is essential when it comes to open plan kitchen design. A contemporary kitchen can be the perfect choice for open plan homes due to the clutter free aesthetic and the focus on lines and simplicity. This allows your kitchen to blend effectively with your living spaces and creates the perfect space for entertaining guests and spending quality time with family and friends.

Integrated appliances are a popular choice for contemporary kitchen spaces as this design choice positions the kitchen appliances behind cabinets, or builds these into the cabinet design itself. This means that your kitchen design won’t be undermined by the look and bulk of your appliances, instead creating a smooth, luxurious result.

From laminate and acrylics, to stainless steel and even natural stone, contemporary kitchens can make use of a range of different material options. You can create the kitchen that most appeals to you, while enjoying the peace of mind that durability and longevity in kitchen design can bring.

Contemporary kitchen design offers a combination of style, functionality, and technological advancements. By balancing minimalist aesthetics, open layouts, and high-quality materials, contemporary kitchens provide a space that is visually appealing, efficient, and truly a space to enjoy.

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