Who knew a mirror within a bathroom could make such a difference

Enjoy LED colour changing technology to create the perfect lighting, heating pads to help keep your mirror clear or even Bluetooth enabled cabinets to listen to your favourite music, all whilst getting your self ready for the day ahead. Yes, mirrors are the faultless finishing centrepiece to any bathroom. Why not see some inspiring mirrors at our 7,700 sq ft showroom in Bamber Bridge, Preston?

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Increasing both the brightness and the sense of space

Enhance the overall look and functionality of your bathroom with the right mirror. A mirror can reflect and redirect light around a bathroom space, increasing both the brightness and the sense of space. This can create a stylish and light bathroom space, perfect for both contemporary and traditional bathrooms.

Add a sense of style to your bathroom with a mirror. Not only can a mirror increase the light and sense of space, but this can also be a valuable aesthetic addition. Available in a range of styles and designs to complement any interior design theme, a mirror can add an attractive focal point.

Why not add storage with a bathroom mirror cabinet? This turns a mirror into a functional storage space for smaller hygiene and medical items so that they are always on hand, whenever you need them.

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Platform unit and mirror

Mirrors with a difference

Here at Homematas we have a wide range and variety of bathroom mirrors available, to suit any bathroom space. These include:

LED colour changing mirrors- set the mood in your bathroom with the right lighting. LED lit mirrors can change colour and be controlled by you, so that your bathroom has the perfect ambience.

Heated mirrors- to keep your mirror clean and looking great at all times, you might consider a mirror with heated pads. A practical choice for a stylish and low maintenance bathroom.

Bluetooth mirror cabinets- like listening to music in the shower or bath? A Bluetooth enabled mirror cabinet could be the perfect option.