Here it is! Your beautiful new space

After discussing your needs for your new room, understanding your desired layout and specification, you will be invited back into our showroom so we can show you a 3D presentation of our design.

visit our showroom
02c Pannacle 8 Sliding Recessed (FLAT) V7 resize

A sensory experience

We ask you to return to the showroom not just to see the design but to touch and feel the quality of the purposed materials, check out the appliance specification and maybe consider alternative products if you so desire.

Hi-definition. High excitement

CAD systems have been invested in so we can generate high definition images of your room in a 3D setting, this means you will see your room almost exactly how it will look finished. After you have fallen in love with your new room, we can go through the pricing very carefully and make sure it is to your liking, if it has gone slightly over your budget, we can offer alternative products to get your budget back on track. 

Key decisions for an effective kitchen island

The big reveal

The big reveal [the presentation of your new room] is a very exciting moment for us and you because at this stage we have put a lot of work into trying to create your new dream room and we really want it to be memorable and that you enjoy it.

There will definitely not be a hard sell to endure- but what will be guaranteed is a professional high-quality presentation celebrated with a nice cup of tea or coffee. Your personal preferences really matter to Homematas.