Perfection can be achieved for a lot less than you might think

May we ask do you have a budget in mind for your room? The reason we ask this is not to maximise the sale and get every penny possible out of you, but rather to create a beautiful design and package within your budget.

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Absolute transparency

Selling you something you don’t need is the last thing on our minds, everything we do is very transparent. On the other hand, if you have set your heart on state of the art appliances or the ultimate quartz work tops we can find a solution to suite your budget. 

As a guide

  • Kitchens start from around £8000.00. [supplied and fitted.] up to whatever you desire.
  • Bedrooms start from around £2500.00. [supplied and fitted.] up to whatever you desire.
  • Bathrooms  start from around £7000.00. [supplied and fitted.] up to whatever you desire.

Your home is your sanctuary, it is the place that you both wake up to, and come home to. When considering the value of creating a pleasurable relaxing place to live, it becomes apparent that time and energy put into creating a peaceful home, can transform into energy saved and stress relieved in the future.

It is very important that when making an investment on your home, you employ a service that you can trust. We know you will be pleasantly surprised when you visit our showroom, with our expert advice, you will begin to understand how far you can stretch your budget here at Homematas.

Our quality of work is second to none, here at Homematas we pride ourselves on the standard of work we can produce, whether that be fixing a dripping tap or a full kitchen renovation.

Getting the price right

We are very friendly and open about our prices and do not believe in pressurising our customers, so why don’t you call in for a chat about your new room.

Like for like quotation must be based on the same specification of materials, fitting, fixtures and appliances.