Why not add a sense of luxury to your home with large format tiles

We often get asked if these tiles can be installed into smaller rooms, we honestly believe from a small beautiful new bathroom, to the back drop of a classy cocktail bar, these tiles will make any room extraordinary. With the large format tiles you don’t have as many grout lines, with less grout lines they create the illusion of more space, and this is the perfect way to make any room have a luxurious feel about it. Why not come along to our vast tiles showroom in Bamber Bridge, Preston today and take a look at our inspiring range?

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Increasing both the brightness and the sense of space

Enhance the overall look and functionality of your bathroom with the right mirror. A mirror can reflect and redirect light around a bathroom space, increasing both the brightness and the sense of space. This can create a stylish and light bathroom space, perfect for both contemporary and traditional bathrooms.

Add a sense of style to your bathroom with a mirror. Not only can a mirror increase the light and sense of space, but this can also be a valuable aesthetic addition. Available in a range of styles and designs to complement any interior design theme, a mirror can add an attractive focal point.

Why not add storage with a bathroom mirror cabinet? This turns a mirror into a functional storage space for smaller hygiene and medical items so that they are always on hand, whenever you need them.

large format tiles
large format tiles

Easy to clean and maintain

Stylish design and space increasing properties aside, large format tiles also offer a key tactical advantage in that these are easier to clean and maintain, ensuring that your walls and flooring remain in great condition. With fewer grout lines, there are fewer areas for dirt, grime, and moisture to accumulate, and this allows large format tiles to be more hygienic and need less cleaning.

Available in a range of styles, colours and designs, large format tiles can transform any room in your home, adding elegance, sophisticated design and style. Why not take a look at what we have in stock today, here at Homematas?