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Advantages of a kitchen island

When designing your new kitchen, the layout and features of the kitchen are paramount. Along with the colour scheme and finishing touches. And so you might be considering adding a kitchen island, if your kitchen space is large enough. Here at Homematas, we are Preston’s leading kitchen and bathroom specialists. And we always stay up to date on the latest kitchen developments. We believe that kitchen islands are a fantastic addition to any large or open plan kitchen. As a result, we have produced this guide to the advantages of a kitchen island.

Advantages of a kitchen island

There are many benefits of installing a kitchen island. And these include;

  • adding additional worktop space
  • natural zoning in an open plan room
  • adding a casual seating option
  • increasing storage space

Additional worktop space

Adding a kitchen island to your new kitchen can help to increase the amount of work-space available for food preparation. If your kettle, toaster and food blender are all getting in the way, you can move over to the kitchen island. And this can actually be a fluid movement, rather than anything awkward, if you carefully plan the location of the kitchen island.

Natural zoning

In an open plan kitchen, zoning can be important to keep eating, relaxing and food preparation separate. A kitchen island provides a natural barrier between two of these zones. And is also incredibly practical.

Seating options

If your kitchen isn’t an open plan kitchen, you can easily add a seating area by installing a kitchen island. Bar stools can be pushed underneath the island when not in use, and you will have a simple, causal seating area.

Alternatively, you can create a longer kitchen island, with a drop level table as a permanent kitchen seating and eating area.


From shelves to racks, draws and cupboards, kitchen islands can offer a range of storage solutions. And this is all additional to the rest of the storage in your kitchen. So if you have cookbooks, or pots and pans to store, a kitchen island can be very beneficial.

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