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Advantages of a U shaped kitchen layout

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When it comes to kitchen layouts, the U shaped layout is one of the most popular options. If your kitchen is square in shape, then a U shaped layout is probably the perfect fit, regardless of how large or small your kitchen is. But why should you choose this type of kitchen layout? And what are the advantages of a U shaped kitchen layout? Well, here at Homematas, we are Preston’s leading kitchen design experts. And this is our guide to everything you should know about the benefits of a U shaped kitchen.

What is a U shaped kitchen layout?

A U shaped layout uses kitchen cabinets around three of the kitchen walls in a U shape or a horseshoe shape. This leaves a large, open space in the middle of the kitchen, that allows for unimpeded movement and a good kitchen flow. Although in large kitchens, a central kitchen island can be used very effectively to create a central anchor point, with additional storage and worktop space.

What are the advantages of a U shaped kitchen layout?

So, why should you choose this design? Well, there are a number of advantages of a U shaped kitchen layout. These include:

  • A large amount of worktop space which can be very practical for food preparation, cooking and baking.
  • A large amount of storage space from the cabinets positioned around the room.
  • The option of adding a seating area, depending on the size of the kitchen. This could include a breakfast bar or a corner seating unit, or even a dining table.
  • Space for a central kitchen island in some larger kitchen areas.
  • Practical layout that keeps the centre of the room free for traffic flow, particularly between the fridge, sink and the oven, th three key points of the kitchen.

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