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Advantages of curved kitchen worktops

Kitchen worktops need to be both practical and functional, as well as stylish and visually appealing. Most worktops tend to be rectangular or square in design, but curved worktops are increasing in popularity. So what are the advantages of curved kitchen worktops? And why should you consider this for your kitchen? Well, here at Homematas, we are Preston’s leading kitchen design professionals. We offer kitchens suitable for any home, traditional or contemporary. And this is our guide to everything you should know about curved kitchen worktops.

What are the advantages of curved kitchen worktops?

Curved kitchen worktops can bring a number of benefits and advantages to your space. These include:

  • Creating a visual feature– kitchen worktops that have sweeping curves, or end in a semi-circular curve, can create a visual feature in any kitchen space. For contemporary kitchens this can be even more effective, as this contrasts with the straight lines and clean cut edges found across the rest of the space, typically associated with contemporary kitchen design.
  • Practical functionality- curved kitchen worktops can be designed with curves for a number of practical reasons, including:
    • worktops that have curves inwards can make it easier to reach the top kitchen cabinets by reducing the distance
    • worktops with semi circular curves at the end can be a practical way to add stylish seating space
    • curved worktops tend to not have any sharp corners or straight edges that can be an injury risk, especially in family kitchens designed for young children
  • Unusual design- if you want to really make a personal statement with your kitchen, curved worktops could be a good option. These are an unusual kitchen addition, and they can really help to add character.

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