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Installing double basin fitted bathroom furniture

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Here at Homematas, we are Preston’s leading bathroom design experts, and we help home owners and property developers choose bathrooms and fittings to suit their property every day. This includes fitted bathroom furniture. And this is our guide to why you should consider installing a double basin in your fitted bathroom.

What is double basin fitted bathroom furniture?

Essentially, this is a specific bathroom furniture choice that involves fitting two sink basins within the fitted layout. Generally speaking, these two sinks are fitted within the same unit, as a double vanity unit. This means there are cupboards and storage underneath. This can be installed on the same wall as the rest of the fitted furniture, or can be a matching stand alone piece on the opposite side of the room.

What are the benefits of installing double basin fitted bathroom furniture?

There are a number of advantages and benefits to choosing a double basin unit as part of your fitted bathroom furniture. These benefits include:

  • Double the sink space- for family households or professional couples, two sinks in the bathroom can really speed up your morning and evening routines, with two sinks to share. This can be great when you’re in a rush.
  • Double the storage- with a double vanity sink unit there is double the storage that you would find in a single unit. This provides more space for storing important bathroom items like toiletries, cleaning products, or even laundered towels.
  • Great visual style- double basin units are available as part of a wide range of fitted bathroom furniture options, from the most contemporary, to more traditional styles and designs. This means that you can find the right double basin for your bathroom, without compromising on visual style and quality.

Here at Homematas we offer a wide variety of Calypso fitted bathroom furniture. This is high quality, stylish bathroom furniture that provides a high end, attractive finish to any bathroom space. For more information or advice get in touch with Preston’s bathroom experts today, here at Homematas. Or why not take a look at our range of bathrooms, and fitted bathroom furniture online?