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Advantages of farmhouse sinks

Choosing a kitchen sink that suits the style and design of the rest of your kitchen is important. But the sink is also one of the most practical features of any kitchen, so you need to choose something that will meet both your aesthetic and practical requirements. A farmhouse sink can be a great option to achieve this. But what is a farmhouse sink? And what are the advantages of farmhouse sinks for rustic, traditional and contemporary kitchens?

What is a farmhouse sink?

So, first of all, what is a farmhouse sink? Well, this is also known as an apron sink, and it is a key feature of any rustic or country kitchen. But more recently, the farmhouse sink has also been used effectively in contemporary kitchens too. The farmhouse sink is wider and also deeper than other sink options. This will need to be taken into account when choosing your kitchen cabinets, as the sink is installed differently when compared to other sink installation methods.

What are the advantages of farmhouse sinks?

So, why should you choose this type of sink? Well, there are a number of reasons, including:

  • More practical- in some ways the farmhouse sink is a more practical sink choice than other options. For example, because of the larger sink size, pots and pans can be washed by hand more easily, and washing food is also easier too. There is also less splashing, which can help to protect kitchen walls and prevent unsightly mould build up.
  • Style- farmhouse sinks are available in a range of styles. For contemporary kitchens, why not choose a stainless steel option? This can be well suited to a range of contemporary kitchen designs and colour schemes. For a more traditional kitchen, you could opt for a porcelain farmhouse sink instead.

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