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Benefits of choosing matt finish fitted bathroom furniture

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Fitted bathroom furniture can be a great option for any bathroom, large or small. But one of the important design decisions about this type of bathroom furniture is the finish. A matt finish can bring a range of benefits and advantages, but what are these? Well, here at Homematas, we help home owners and property developers choose bathrooms and fittings to suit their property every day. As Preston’s leading bathroom experts, we have produced this guide to everything you need to know about matt finish fitted bathroom furniture.

What are the benefits of choosing matt finish fitted bathroom furniture?

While gloss cabinets and cupboards are the most popular option for fitted bathroom furniture, this doesn’t mean that matt finish cabinets cannot be equally as effective. In fact, there are a actually a number of benefits and advantages to choosing matt finish fitted bathroom furniture. These include:

  • Natural timber effect- if you want to give your bathroom a rustic charm, or a natural feel, matt finish furniture can help you achieve the natural timber effect. Even if your cabinets are not hard wood, there are plenty of different options designed to look just like the real thing, and a matt finish can help this be more convincing. aired with timber or stone effect floor tiling and your bathroom can be visually stunning.
  • Painted finishes- matt finish bathroom furniture can have a painted finish. This often provides more colour options for your bathroom, with a larger variety of tones and shades to perfectly match with your design intentions for the space.

Here at Homematas we offer a wide variety of Calypso fitted bathroom furniture. This is high quality, stylish bathroom furniture that provides a high end, attractive finish to any bathroom space. For more information or advice get in touch with Preston’s bathroom experts today, here at Homematas. Or why not take a look at our range of bathrooms, and fitted bathroom furniture online?