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Advantages of slab kitchen cabinet doors

Kitchen cabinet doors can be one of the key choices when it comes to your new fitted kitchen. On a par with the worktop, in terms of importance, the cabinet doors can make or break or kitchen theme or style. But choosing the right style can be more difficult than you might think. Here at Homematas, we are Preston’s leading kitchen design experts. And we have produced this guide to the advantages of slab kitchen cabinet doors.

What are slab kitchen cabinet doors?

First of all, what are slab doors, and how can they be used? Well, slab doors are also known as flat doors. Because they are simply a flat door with no decorative features at all. And this has meant that slab doors with a high gloss finish, have become a common and popular feature of contemporary kitchens.

However, the plain finish, and single colour, makes for a straight, no frills kitchen. And this is perfect for a range of kitchens, including more traditional kitchens, or simple functional kitchens.

Advantages of slab kitchen cabinet doors

There are a range of advantages of slab kitchen cabinet doors. These include:

  • The price- While some high end kitchens also use slab doors, and can b incredibly expensive, lots of budget doors also fall into this category. So if you want to save money on your kitchen cabinet doors, slab doors are probably your best bet.
  • Low maintenance- These doors are simply flat, so are easy to wipe clean with no fuss. Opt for a matt finish, instead of a glossy finish, and you will have even less maintenance to consider.
  • Stunning colours- Because the design is flat, the kitchen colour is a solid block. And this can be a stunning visual effect in a wide range of kitchens.

Why not check out our range of slab or flat doors, here at Homematas? Preston’s leading kitchen specialists.