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How to choose a kitchen that’s right for you

Key decisions for an effective kitchen island

As the heart of the home, the kitchen will always have an important place in our daily lives. As such, we at Homematas know just how important choosing the right kitchen can be. Classic and stylish, or contemporary and modern, the kitchen that’s right for you will no doubt take some deliberation, so here are some top tips that might help you decide.


If it is important that the kitchen fits in with the rest of your home, you need to take style into account. A modern, open plan home with a minimalist style may not suit a classic or traditional, rustic kitchen, and the opposite is also true. Choosing a style to match your home is the easiest place to start, as from here you will be able to make choices regarding colour, finish and added extras.


Do you have a large, open plan kitchen? Or perhaps a long, galley kitchen? The size of the space you have will also help you determine what kind of kitchen to go for. If you have a large open plan area you can start to think about all the added extra’s that we can provide, such as islands, breakfast bars and storage spaces. You may also decide to select a style or colour that will not only suit, but enhance your whole home. However, if you have a long galley kitchen you may be more interested in the clever storage we can offer, which will help you make the most out of the space you have.


Wooden, gloss and matt are the three most common types of finish used throughout kitchens. The type of finish you decide upon can be dictated by a range of factors. Many people fail to consider the more practical aspects of the finish within their new kitchen; some are easier to clean, some are exceptional at hiding scuff or finger marks from young children, and some can keep your kitchen looking airy and bright by reflecting the light.


Of course, colour is one of the choices many people find easiest to make, but this includes more than just tiles. Choosing the colour of unit doors, work surfaces and fittings such as taps and handles should generally be the last thing you think about, as to really enjoy your kitchen space, you will want to make sure that these match with the style and finish you have chosen.

So, whenever you’re ready to choose that new kitchen, we at Homematas are here to help.