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Considerations for the perfect shower

When it comes to your bathroom, one of the most important aspects will no doubt be the shower. From simply helping with personal hygiene, to being a retreat of relaxing and calm, the shower is something you need to get right. But isn’t it also the easiest? Here at Homematas, we are Preston’s favourite bathroom experts. As a result, we have worked with clients and customers across the North West who have had real issues with their shower, and we have helped to put these issues right. This is our guide to the necessary considerations for the perfect shower.

Showering space

The space that you shower in is one of the most important considerations for the perfect shower. It can have a huge influence on the way you think about your shower. If a showering space is too confined or cramped, then the showering experience will likely be a short and practical one, rather than a luxurious time to relax.

One of the best uses of space is to create a wet room. This will utilize all of the space available and your shower will not be confined to an enclosure. However, your room will need tanking, which will require professionals, and you will have to be careful with the tiles you choose. Smaller tiles with more grouting can be beneficial as there will be more traction, even when wet.

Alternatively, a wet room is not a practical consideration for every bathroom. Instead, a shower enclosure will be the perfect choice. From shower quadrants to corner showers, as long as you install a shower area that is spacious and stylish, you can have the perfect showering experience.

Choosing a shower

After deciding on the showering space, you can then choose the type of shower to install. Different shower options will create a different showering experience. This makes the shower choice one of the essential considerations for the perfect shower.

The most common type of shower installation is the fixed shower head with a shower handset. However, you dont have to settle for the plain old shower. Instead you can combine:

  • body jets
  • rainfall shower heads
  • LED lighting

Whichever shower type you choose, do your research first. Find out what you want from your shower, and you are more likely to be impressed with the final result.

Why not take a look at our shower options today, here at Homematas?