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Contemporary fitted kitchen design traits

Here at Homematas, we are Preston’s leading kitchen experts. From a classic or traditional kitchen, to the contemporary, modern style, we have something to suit any home. But if you have a blank canvas to work with, and aren’t sure what to opt for, check out this guide to contemporary fitted kitchen design traits.

Although every contemporary kitchen is unique, there are a blend of design and style choices that lead to key features recognisable in every kitchen. These features not only add to the aesthetics of the room, but also to the practicality.

Open plan

Many contemporary kitchens are open plan. To manage this approach, they create zones for cooking, eating, and lounging, and each zone is separate to the next with subtle divisions. One of these is part of the kitchen itself: the island. An island is a work-surface and sometimes also a cupboard space that is separate from the rest of the kitchen. By positioning the island in a suitable place, the island can create a simple division between the cooking and the eating areas.

Light and space

You might wonder why most contemporary fitted kitchens seem to be shiny or reflective. Well, one of the key design principles behind contemporary kitchens is the value of light and space. As a result, glossy cabinets that reflect the light, coupled with stainless steel are often popular design choices. The more reflective surfaces available in the kitchen, the more light and airy the kitchen will appear. At the same time, the lighter and brighter a kitchen is, the larger it feels. As a result, the light and space emphasis determine the work-surface and cupboard choices.


In addition, curved work-surfaces are also popular in contemporary fitted kitchens. Using curved work-surfaces is an effective way to create a streamlined room with no hard edges. This is also something that is promoted through the lack of handles on cupboards and draws.

If you are ready to begin searching for your next fitted kitchen, take a look at what we can offer, here at Homematas.