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Design tips for fitted kitchens in small spaces

As Preston’s leading kitchen specialists, we at Homematas know how important it is for your kitchen to be just right. Not only from a practical point of video, but from a design and style point of view too. But with a small kitchen, it can be hard to make design choices to suit the space available, and many people end up with a sub par kitchen that doesn’t meet their expectations. As a result, we have produced this guide to design tips for fitted kitchens in small spaces.


Storage solutions

One of the major issues with small kitchens is a lack of storage. But with innovative storage solutions, this doesn’t have to be the case.

Pull-out storage units can be fitted into gaps in your cabinets, between the cabinet and the wall, or between appliances and cabinets. These gaps, usually less than 6 inches, are normally wasted space. But with a pull out pantry or larder, you can instead store your jars, spices and tinned food in a rack or wire basket system. This means that you will save on cupboard space, by making use of space that would otherwise be wasted.

Magic corner pull outs can help you store twice as much in one cabinet. In an average kitchen, there are usually two corner cupboards. This means that for perhaps two of your cupboards, you could use this technique to get more into your existing cabinet space.



Once you have all of your storage tucked away in your fitted kitchen, you should think about the lighting in your small fitted kitchen. Light makes any room feel larger and more roomy. And the kitchen is no exception. Using glossy, contemporary cabinets can help to reflect the light around the room and make your small fitted kitchen seem larger.

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