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Different options for your kitchen backsplash

Whether your kitchen is contemporary or traditional, farmhouse or shaker, you will probably be thinking about using a backsplash area. This is normally something that protects the walls, from splashes of water or liquid. So in the kitchen, the area behind the sink, and also the area behind the oven, are good places for a backsplash. But what kind of backsplash should you choose? And what are your choices? Well, here at Homematas, we are Preston’s leading kitchen design specialists. And this is our guide to the different options for your kitchen backsplash.

Different options for your kitchen backsplash

Choosing a backsplash that will be attractive, stylish and practical can be a challenge. Some popular options include:

  • Tiles- perfect for any property, with any design style, as you can simply choose tiles to suit. From traditional patterned tiled, to stylish subway tiles, there are a number of tiling options to suit any home. And tiles are naturally durable and waterproof too, so your walls will be well protected.
  • Marble or stone- natural stone can also be installed as a backsplash feature. This tends to be visually very striking, but it can be difficult to maintain. This is because stone is not naturally impervious, so you will need to apply waterproofing and sealant, to keep it in the best condition. But for many homes, the additional maintenance is very worthwhile, just for the aesthetic value.
  • Corian and solid surfaces- the most hygienic option for any backsplash is to go for a solid surface material like Corian. With no gaps or holes, bacteria and other micro-organisms cannot thrive on the backsplash surface. This means that you will never have problems with mould or mildew either. Corian also looks incredible, for any home, with any design style.

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