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Guide to freestanding baths

Here at Homematas, we are Preston’s leading bathroom specialists. From contemporary bathrooms, to traditional bathrooms, we have something for everyone. This includes freestanding baths, one of the most desirable bathroom features. This is our guide to freestanding baths.

So what is a freestanding bath?

A freestanding bath takes inspiration from the traditional cast iron tubs that would take centre stage in a traditional bathroom. However, the contemporary freestanding bath makes use of contemporary design features, including smooth, rounded edges.

Centre Piece

Much like the old iron tub, a freestanding bath will be positioned in the centre of the room, rather than close to the wall as is common with regular bath fixtures. By positioning the tub in the centre, it automatically becomes the focal point of the room. As a result, the design of the tub itself has become increasingly important when designing a new bathroom.


Freestanding baths have become synonymous with luxury elegance and spa-like relaxation. They have become incredibly important when designing or creating a bathroom that aims to create a statement.

To emphasize this, some freestanding baths are paced on a plinth with either a small step up or a series up to the tub itself. This is a fantastic way to draw more attention to the tub and to turn it into a real bathroom fixture.


A freestanding tub may be added to your bathroom as a statement piece, to create a sense of luxury, but it is still incredibly practical. A freestanding tub tends to be larger than a standard bath. In addition, the space around the bath means that you dont feel enclosed.

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