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Handle-less kitchen design ideas

Contemporary kitchens have drawn the focus away from clutter and intricacies, and instead focus on sleek finishes and clean lines. One of the central aspect of this is the handle-less kitchen suite. It emphasizes minimalism and prevents protruding handles from blocking the overall design and finish. Here at Homematas, we are Preston’s leading home improvements company. As a result, we have produced this guide to handle-less kitchen design ideas.

Inset kitchen suites

One of the more popular handle-less kitchen suite designs, is the inset. This uses an incredibly discreet inset handle to allow cupboards to be opened and to maintain the soft close function, without a protruding handle. These inset handles can be horizontal or vertical depending on your design choice and the layout you prefer. They can also be different on specific cupboards, for example pan cupboards.

Touch Kitchen Suites

Getting rid of the handle altogether, the touch kitchen suite allows the cupboard doors to be opened simply by touching them. These kitchens are truly minimalist and handle free.

However, not all of your kitchen cupboards will be suitable for a touch door. For example, pull out larders, doors that cover an appliance cupboard, or a magic corner cabinet will all require a handle.

This need not spoil the overall design of your kitchen however, as handles that are very innocuous or even inset, can be easily incorporated into your design.

Inline handle-less kitchen suites

Using a J-pull handle grip, the inline kitchen suites keeps all of the handle areas in line with the doors. Similar to an inset handle, the J-pull is inset and runs along the top of the cabinet door to give a smooth, sleek finish.

This type of handle-less approach is perfect for all doors in the kitchen, so you can achieve a uniformed kitchen suite.

In summary

When it comes to handle-less kitchen design ideas, Homematas have it all. From inset to touch to inline kitchen designs, why use protruding handles if you don’t have to? Keep your contemporary design sleek and well finished, check out our range today.