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Increasing the worktop space in your kitchen

In any kitchen the storage space and the worktop space is one of the most practical considerations and can make a big difference to the functionality of your kitchen. In fact, increasing kitchen worktop space is often one oft he top priorities when designing a new kitchen. But how can this be achieved?

What are the effective options for increasing the worktop space in your kitchen?

If you are installing a new kitchen and want to increase the amount of kitchen space available, there are a number of different options to consider. These include:

  • Adding a kitchen island- if your kitchen is medium to large sized, you could consider adding a kitchen island. This can add additional worktop space, as well as storage or seating space, and is an incredibly practical design option. However, in smaller kitchens, or certain kitchen layouts, this probably will not be achievable.
  • Extending worktop space- if possible, you could consider extending the worktop space along one wall, even without extending the cabinetry. This can create a usable space for food preparation and baking, as well as doubling up as additional seating, breakfast bar style.
  • Fold out worktop space– in small kitchens adding worktop space can be a challenge, but you could opt for fold out, or pull out worktop space. This is usually built into the kitchen design, and pulls out from underneath the existing worktop space to add a whole new surface for food preparation and cooking.
  • Free standing worktops- if your kitchen is smaller but you also have a utility room or a larder, you could consider a free standing work-surface that you can move in and out of the kitchen as and when required. Trolley systems can be very effective for this.

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