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Industrial kitchen design

Recently, a new trend has emerged in interior design, and this is the industrial design. This takes elements of contemporary design, and mixes in some industrial features. But what are industrial design features? And what should you consider when creating a stunning industrial kitchen design? Well, here at Homematas, we are Preston’s leading kitchen design professionals. And this is our guide to everything you should know about this new kitchen design trend.

What is industrial kitchen design?

Industrial kitchen design is a unique design trend that makes use of:

  • exposed brick walls- or brick effect walls
  • wooden beams
  • exposed or decorative pipes
  • exposed light bulbs

This all combines to create a sense of space and an eclectic feel that you just don’t find in any other style of kitchen. When using the right tones and textures, this kind of industrial design can even be warm, welcoming and relaxing.

What are the top considerations for effective industrial kitchen design?

Some of the most important and effective considerations for effective industrial kitchen design include:

  • Combining different materials- one of the key features of an industrial kitchen is the use of different materials, with different textures and colours. From brick effect walls, to natural timber and copper or metal handles and features, you should be sure to combine different materials across your kitchen.
  • Use colour effectively- You can organise the different materials used in your industrial kitchen by colour, from rich and warm metals and woods, to cold metals and exposed pipes, there are a number of different colour combinations that can work effectively. You should choose floor tiles and paint that also fits into this colour scheme for a stunning visual result.
  • Space- in an industrial kitchen, a sense of space is essential. You should be sure to keep the kitchen sides clear of clutter, and use natural light, and reflective surfaces to enhance this sense of space.

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