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Choosing fitted bathroom furniture for an en-suite bathroom

Here at Homematas, we are Preston’s leading bathroom design experts, and we help home owners and property developers choose bathrooms and fittings to suit their property every day. This includes fitted bathroom furniture. But what should you consider when choosing fitted bathroom furniture for an en suite bathroom? And how can you be sure to achieve the right results?

What are the considerations when choosing fitted bathroom furniture for an en-suite bathroom?

If you are thinking about installing fitted bathroom furniture in your en-suite bathroom, there are a couple of things you should consider. These include:

  • The shape of the space– if your en suite bathroom is an unusual shape, or particularly narrow, fitted bathroom furniture might not be the best option. However, for most square or rectangular shaped en suite bathrooms, there isn’t usually an issue.
  • The colour of the furniture– for your en suite bathroom, you should consider the colour scheme carefully. If your en suite is a small space, darker colour schemes can be a bad idea, as these will make the space feel smaller. On the other hand, bright colours can have a positive effect.

What are the advantages of fitted bathroom furniture in an en-suite bathroom?

There are a number of advantages to choosing fitted bathroom furniture for an en-suite bathroom. These include:

  • Saving space- fitted bathroom furniture can add a sink and a toilet to your bathroom, as well as a lot of storage space. This can be designed specifically to fit neatly into smaller spaces, like an en suite, and help to save space too.
  • Adding storage- a large part of fitted bathroom furniture is storage and cupboard space. For an en suite bathroom this can be a stylish and effective way to add storage to the space, so you have plenty of room for toiletries and bathroom essentials.

Here at Homematas we offer a wide variety of Calypso fitted bathroom furniture. This is high quality, stylish bathroom furniture that provides a high end, attractive finish to any bathroom space. For more information or advice get in touch with Preston’s bathroom experts today, here at Homematas. Or why not take a look at our range of bathrooms, and fitted bathroom furniture online?