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Key features for a rustic kitchen

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Creating a new kitchen, with the perfect style, means making the right design choices. From worktops to cabinets, to choosing the right finish, there are a lot of considerations that can influence the final result for your kitchen. So if you want to create a kitchen in a particular style, you need to include all of the necessary features. And here at Homematas, we are Preston’s leading kitchen design experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to key features for a rustic kitchen.

Key features for a rustic kitchen

So, to create a stunning rustic kitchen, what are the essential features you need to include? Well, here are our top items:

  • hardwood table or worktops
  • wood or timber effect cabinets
  • stone floors or stone effect tiles

Hardwood table or worktops

Rustic kitchens take their famous rustic charm from the warmth and character of the design. And a lot of this comes from the use of wooden materials that provide a natural, authentic touch to any home. A chunky table or worktop help your kitchen look welcoming and charming.

Wooden or timber effect cabinets

Although many types of cabinet are actually made with MDF, this is covered in acrylic or other substances to make it look like something other than wood. This smooth, shiny finish is perfect for contemporary,glossy kitchens. But for a rustic kitchen, you need something more genuine, and authentic. Timber effect cabinets can be cost effective if real wood is over your budget. And the effect will help your kitchen look more rustic.

Stone floors or stone effect tiles

Natural materials, as you have already discovered, are integral to a rustic kitchen. And it’s not just wood or timber that has the desired effect. Stone floors, can also add charm and character to your rustic kitchen. Completing the finish. However, natural stone can be a challenge to maintain. So you could opt for stone effect floor tiles instead, for the same aesthetic appeal, but much less maintenance.

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