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Kitchen colours that stand out

When it comes to interior design, colour is one of the most important aspects. From practicalities, to psychology, the colour of your kitchen can impact on how you use the space, as well as how you feel when cooking or eating. Calming or energized, colours play a big part in a rooms atmosphere. Here at Homematas, we are kitchen design experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to kitchen colours that stand out.

White kitchen suites

While many of our ktichens continue to be white and bland, many other colours are growing in popularity. This is especially true for contemporary kitchen suites, where the cabinets often match the colour of the worktops to create a dramatic and stylish effect. From deep purples to blues and reds, a colourful kitchen is key to a practical and stunning home.

Colour Psychology

We all know that different colours can have different psychological effects. These include:

  • Reds- These can be energising and passionate, encouraging you to not be afraid to make a mess in the kitchen!
  • Yellows and oranges- These are welcoming colours that can be soothing and encourage conversation and sharing. This is extremely beneficial if your kitchen is a family room where you gather to complete homework and eat together.
  • Greens and blues- Although blue can feel a little cold, in general greens and blues tend to be relaxing colours that can help you feel calm and zen while cooking.


Of course, now we have applied the psychology of various colours to the kitchen environment, it is time to consider the practicalities.

  • Pastel colours- These can look stunning in both contemporary and traditional kitchens. However, if you have a family home with a lot of young children, very light colours and pastel colours are not going to be practical. In addition, if you’re a young professional with a hobby for baking and cooking with a lot of spices, light colours again will not make a good choice. As a result, you should consider the need for surfaces to be kept clean, and the likelihood of the colour being practical fro your individual needs.
  • Bold colours- Deep, rich and bold colours are perfect for people with young children, and people that tend to be messy chefs, as the darker colours are less likely to stain. However, if you have a small kitchen, colours that are dark can make the space appear smaller and less welcoming.

If you are ready to shop for your new kitchen suite, and are interested in kitchen colours that stand out, check out what we have to offer, here at Homematas.