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Reasons to choose a matt kitchen finish

Broadoak Ivory

If you’re thinking about creating a kitchen that really stands out, why not consider using a matt finish? Although the gloss kitchen finish is a very popular choice, an increasing number of homeowners and property developers are choosing to go for a matt finish instead. The matt finish is a kitchen finish that is versatile and attractive, and suited to a range of kitchens. Here at Homematas, we are Preston’ leading kitchen design specialists. And we know how important it is for your kitchen to be just right. As a result, we have produced this guide to the top reasons to choose a matt kitchen finish.

Reasons to choose a matt kitchen finish

So why are more people opting for the matt finish? Well, there are a variety of reasons to choose a matt finish, and these include:

  • aesthetic reasons
  • practical reasons

Aesthetic reasons

A matt kitchen finish can be perfect for any kitchen style, traditional or contemporary. That’s because, as long as you match the colours well, and plan an effective colour scheme, the style of the decor and cabinets will shine through. Without the need for glossy surfaces. And as a result, although contemporary kitchens are more commonly associated with glossy finishes, the trend is moving towards a more balanced approach.

Practical reasons

Kitchens with matt cabinets can be much more practical than glossy kitchens. This is because they are easier to clean, and to keep looking clean. For example, finger marks and grease will stick to the glossy surfaces of cabinet doors, leaving ugly smears. But on a matt surface, these smears will not be as obvious or distracting.

In addition, matt kitchen cabinets have the same colour and material on the inside and the outside. This means that any scratches will not reveal a hidden colour on the inside, as is often the case with gloss cabinets at the cheaper end of the scale.

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