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Choosing seating for a galley kitchen

Galley kitchens are a common type of kitchen, especially in terraced homes or Victorian or period properties. Typically, a galley kitchen will have cabinets lining two walls, with a fairly narrow floor space in between. While this can be set up for a practical cooking environment, it can be difficult to create space for seating, and enjoying your kitchen as a room in your home. But, its not impossible to add seating in a galley kitchen. In fact, there are several different things you could try.

What are the options when choosing seating for a galley kitchen?

Although galley kitchens tend to be narrow, they can be quite long. And with clever use of the space available, it can be possible to add a small seating space. You could try:

  • Using only half of the cabinets along one wall- instead of lining your cabinets the full length of both walls, you could opt to use only half of the cabinets on one of the walls. This will leave space for you to add a small corner dining unit, or even a breakfast bar.
  • Add in a bench- whether its a small nook for two or a longer bench for three or four, you can remove the lower cabinets, to add in a bench along one wall. You would also need to adjust the upper cabinets to fit too. This also works particularly well with any spare wall space, such as the wall at the end of the narrow kitchen.
  • A one person bar- if you need all the storage space you can get, why not simple extend the worktop space enough for just one person. This can create a one person breakfast bar, perfect for the morning papers.

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