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Steps to planning the perfect kitchen

Are you in need of a kitchen refurb or refit? Are you hoping to create the perfect kitchen? Don’t worry, here at Homematas, we know just how important the kitchen is. As a result, we have produced this guide to the steps to planning the perfect kitchen.

How much work needs to be completed?

Take a look at your kitchen and decide on how much work you want to be completed. Does the whole kitchen need to be ripped out and altered to give a better layout? Or can your kitchen be modernized with new cupboards, handles or worktops? Once you have decided upon this, you can begin to start planning.

How do you use your kitchen space?

Considering honestly how you use your kitchen space is a big part of creating the kitchen that is perfect for you and your home. Is your kitchen used for entertaining? Or is it used for family meals and homework? Plan your new kitchen based around what you and your household require, based on how the kitchen is used. After all, a perfect kitchen is also practical.

What do you like about your current kitchen?

Again, look at your kitchen and identify anything you’d like to keep and perhaps upgrade or update. Is there anything that you know you dislike about your kitchen? For example, many of our customers feel like there just isn’t enough work-space. The answers to all of these questions will help you consider just what it is you want from your new kitchen. This could include more worktop space, more storage space, and an updated modern look.

Do you have any inspiration?

Now you know how much work needs to be completed, how practical you need your kitchen to be, and what you are looking for in a kitchen, it’s time to get inspired. Take a look at websites, magazines, TV shows and social media to find layouts, colour schemes and practical solutions that are inspiring.

In summary

The steps to planning the perfect kitchen need not be complicated. Focus on what you need to change and find some inspiration to help you create the perfect kitchen. Why not visit us online, or in store, here at Homematas.