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Reasons to choose a hardwood kitchen worktop

For any new kitchen, the kitchen worktop will be a vital decision. From composite materials like Corian, and the more affordable Quartz, to natural stone, or laminate, there are a variety of material types to choose from for your kitchen worktops. And there are also a number of practical decisions that you will need to consider. Hardwood kitchen worktops are a popular choice, but what are the reasons to choose a hardwood kitchen worktop? And what are the important factors to consider?

What are the main reasons to choose a hardwood kitchen worktop?

Hardwood kitchen worktops can bring a lot of benefits to any kitchen, including:

  • Creating a warm and welcoming kitchen space- natural materials can make a space feel more warm, and welcoming, and natural timber is one of the best options for this.
  • Suits a range of kitchen styles- any type of kitchen, including contemporary kitchens, can benefit from a hardwood worktop, as long as the worktop is designed with that particular style in mind. For example, in a country kitchen a thick cut, unvarnished worktop is an effective choice, while a contemporary kitchen would use a thinner cut, varnished wooden worktop for the best visual effect.
  • Durable and strong- kitchen worktops need to be fairly robust, and hardwood is a durable and strong option.

What are the important considerations for a hardwood kitchen worktop?

There are however some considerations to bear in mind when thinking about hardwood worktops. These include:

  • Maintenance- Hardwood worktops can be high maintenance. They will need to be initially treated using oil to seal the wood. You will need to apply a coat of this oil once a day for the first week, and then once a week for the next month, and then once a month for a year! This will help make sure that the worktop is fully waterproof.

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