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3 kitchen layout options for large kitchens

Large kitchens can be a daunting space to work with for homeowners and property developers alike. Knowing how to use a large space, and get the most from it in terms of storage and worktop space, is essential. Here at Homematas, we are Preston’s leading kitchen specialists. And we work with homeowners and property developers on a daily basis, to help them make the right kitchen choices. As a result, we have produced this guide to 3 kitchen layout options for large kitchens.

3 kitchen layout options for large kitchens

There are a number of layout options for a large kitchen space. But these are three most popular choices:

  • The U-Shaped kitchen- with cabinets and work-surfaces on three of the four walls, the U-Shaped kitchen is a practical and simple kitchen layout. You can even include a kitchen island in the centre, if you want to add in more worksurface or storage space. Or even just to add visual interest.
  • The P-Shaped kitchen- Just like the U-Shaped layout, P-shaped layout is a kitchen layout, where the units and cabinets are positioned around the edges of the room, However, an additional cabinet, or kitchen island is then positioned on the end. This creates a P shape, with a practical counter-top creating more space and storage.
  • The L-Shaped kitchen- In the L shaped kitchen, cabinets run around the edge of two walls, leaving the rest of the space open. This means that this type of layout is perfect for adding an island, as long as it does not obstruct the golden triangle.

Whichever layout option you choose, make sure that the space between the sink, the oven and the fridge is empty and unimpeded. This is because these are the three key areas in any kitchen, and moving between them is a must for any cooking or food prep activity.

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