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Increasing kitchen island storage space

Adding a kitchen island to your mid to large kitchen can be a great choice. From extra work-surface space, to a potential seating area, a kitchen island can be incredibly useful. And it can also add some much needed storage space too. So what are the options for Increasing kitchen island storage space? And how can you be sure to achieve the right results?

What are the effective options for increasing kitchen island storage space?

Your kitchen island can be the perfect place for additional storage. You should consider:

  • space saving storage ideas- there are a variety of space saving storage ideas that could be perfect for your kitchen island. This includes pull out larder racks, and magic cupboards. These storage systems allow you to fit more items in a small space, while still being easily accessible.
  • drawers- if you want more storage space, drawers are an absolute necessity. You can store around 30% more items using drawers, than you can with shelves. So to squeeze additional storage out of your kitchen island, you should consider a series of drawers.
  • use the unexpected spaces- space around your doors, or in your toe kicks can be turned into drawer space quite easily. This can be perfect for large, deep pans or dishes and uses space that would otherwise be wasted.
  • use utensil hooks- instead of taking up drawer space with utensils, why not hang them on the side of the kitchen island? This can be very practical and efficient. Although in a contemporary kitchen, it might detract from the straight lines, smooth edges, and uncluttered space.

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