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Small design details for the perfect kitchen

When it comes to creating the right type of kitchen for your home, there are a lot of details to consider. From the layout and seating, to the materials and colour scheme, designing the perfect kitchen can be more difficult than you might think. The small details are also often more important than you might think. So what are the important small design details for the perfect kitchen?

What are the important small design details for the perfect kitchen?

So, what are the essential small details that can make a big difference to your kitchen design? Well, there are several, including:

  • Cabinet handle options- from traditional metal cabinet handles, to acrylic that is designed as part of the cabinet door, or even completely handle-less kitchens, the cabinet handles are important for creating the perfect kitchen style. These handles provide the finishing visual touch for any kitchen, and as such, should be selected to support your overall style.
  • Cabinet door options- cabinet doors can be flat and smooth, or they can use inset detail around the edge of the cabinet door. Flat cabinet doors are often used for contemporary kitchens, with an emphasis on smooth, simple design. While embossed or detailed doors are usually used for more traditional kitchen styles.
  • Tiling- kitchen tiling can also have an impact on the overall visual effect and style of the kitchen. From the colour to the texture and detail, different tiles will provide different aesthetic features to your kitchen. And for floor tiling and splash- back tiling especially, you will need to consider how these tiles fit with the rest of your kitchen design scheme.

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