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Different shape options for kitchen islands

When it comes to creating a stunning kitchen, in any style, we are the team that can really help, here at Homematas. We are Preston’s leading kitchen design specialists, and we help homeowners and property developers choose the perfect kitchen. From cabinets, to worktops, to kitchen islands, we know exactly how to juggle your demands to create a practical and stylish kitchen. And this includes choosing the most effective kitchen island. Kitchen islands differ in style, size and purpose. But they also differ in shape. So what are the kitchen island shape options?

What are the different shape options for kitchen islands?

There are a large number of different shape options for kitchen islands. The most popular options include:

  • rectangular kitchen islands
  • square kitchen islands
  • curved kitchen islands
  • round kitchen islands
  • hexagonal/pentagonal kitchen islands

Square and Rectangular kitchen islands

The most popular shape for a kitchen island is a simple square, or rectangle. These can help to synchronize your kitchen, as the island will run parallel to the other work surfaces. For a medium to large size kitchen, square or rectangular kitchen islands can really stand out, while also being incredibly practical. They offer more worktop space, as well as potential storage. And you can even us a long rectangular island as a seating area.

Hexagonal kitchen islands

If you want something totally different, that will really set your kitchen apart, why not opt for a hexagonal kitchen island? These are most suitable for larger kitchens, with more space. And they can easily grab the attention of any visitors. You can also use a hexagonal kitchen island as a seating option too!

Curved kitchen island

Sweeping curves are a statement in a contemporary kitchen, where they contrast well with the straight edges and lines. And a curved kitchen island can be a good way to fit in with, and keep up with, this emerging trend. A kitchen island with curves can still provide practical and usable storage, as well as potential seating space. Curved kitchen islands include those that are S shaped, as well as rounded and ovular options.

Round kitchen islands

A round kitchen island is a great option for a kitchen on the smaller side. This is because, round kitchen islands tend to be smaller than others, and take up less space. So while you cant use these as seating areas, you can still enjoy additional storage and worksurface space.

For more information or advice about Kitchen island shape options, get in touch with the experts today, here at Homematas.