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7 tips for an amazing bathroom


The bathroom is on par with the kitchen for the most important room in the house. Everyone who comes into your home will use it and if you are thinking of redecorating or renovating your current bathroom, here at Homematas we have some brilliant tips for you.

Utilise extra space

Any extra space in your bathroom can make great storage space. This includes pull out cupboards and hanging spaces. Between two of the wall studs in your bathroom there is generally a depth of 4 inches and shelves can be installed inside this wall cavity, which means extra storage for you without encroaching on the bathroom space itself. There are also sink basins with built in storage underneath that can really help you make the most of the necessary appliances when finding storage space.


A boring white bathroom probably won’t thrill you, but it is easier and cheaper for you to find appliances and fixtures in plain white. However, you can inject colour through floor tiles, wall tiles, cupboards and storage units, as well as your bathroom accessories. If your heart is set on a particular colour of bathroom then of course you should opt for the style that suits you; but if budget is a key issue then opting for plain white fixtures (bath, toilet and sink) will make your bathroom redecoration cheaper.

Shower design

Choosing the design of your shower can involve more thought that you might initially think; rain head shower or pressure shower system, extendable free moving shower head, or fixed shower head, full opening door or sliding door? These are just some examples of the shower design decisions and these are only the practical choices without considering the shape, size and aesthetic value. We would advise you to think of your unique situation when designing a shower, young children, mobility issues and space can all cause practical concerns that can be addressed by a well designed and installed shower.

We hope these tips have given you some great bathroom ideas.