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Choosing new kitchen doors and cabinets

kitchen doors and cabinets

Renovating or redecorating your kitchen requires a lot of choices and decisions, and one of these essential decisions relates to the kitchen cabinets. Whichever style you are hoping to create, the doors you choose can make or break the visual effect you are aiming for. Here at Homematas we know just how important it is to create your perfect kitchen, so here’s a quick guide to run you through the important cabinet and door choices.

Choosing a door style to fit with your kitchen vision is important. There are a range of door options available to you including shaker, flat or inset, and thinking about the practicalities of the cupboards themselves can really help you make the decision about the door style.


Shaker doors get their name from the shaker style which is focused on simplicity and line. The shaker cabinet system tends to have five pieces and is very popular due to the versatility of the design. The shaker style cabinet doors suit not only traditional kitchens but also those of a contemporary style, adding elegance to any home.


Flat kitchen cabinets are incredibly popular for modern minimalist kitchens due to the simplicity of the flat cabinet design and the range of materials that the flat doors can be finished in. Flat cabinets have little to no detail, making a clean, smooth finish which is perfect in contemporary kitchens. The smooth finish is also great for cleaning and maintaining a “new kitchen look” as the surfaces are easy to wipe. The flat cabinet is one of the cheapest around, especially in a laminate finish.


Inset kitchen doors are so called as they are nested within the frame of the cabinet with an inch or so overhang from the top of the work surface. This makes them the most expensive cabinets on the market and the doors will have visible hinges on the outside, making them slightly more difficult to keep looking ultra clean over time.

Overall, whichever kitchen cabinets or doors you choose, they should reflect and enhance the style of the whole kitchen. Here at Homematas, we have a large range to suit anyone. Take a look today.