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How to choose the perfect shower

Showering is one of the most popular ways to start the day, and the shower enclosure is one of the most important choices made when deciding to renovate the bathroom. Height and floor space are crucial to deciding upon the type of shower you want to install, and the different styles of shower enclosure each offer different door styles.

Recessed Showers

Shower enclosures that are recessed sit within three walls, so if your bathroom has three walls close together, you can install a shower door across the front. This is probably one of the easiest ways to install a shower in your bathroom, although with this style enclosure there are a range of doors to choose from:

Hinged– this style of door has hinges on one side and opens out fully into the bathroom, making it an impractical option for homes with small bathrooms as door wont fully open.

Slider– A sliding glass door uses rollers to save space as the door simply slides to the side for you to step in and out.

Bi-Fold– this style of shower door concertina’s in half and then slides across, again saving floor space as the door doesn’t open right out into the room.

Corner showers

Shower enclosures made from the 90 degree angle between two bathroom walls are some of the most popular choices as most bathrooms will have this kind of space in which to fit a shower. There are two main choices for corner showers:

Quadrant- this popular style of shower has a curved glass front joining both of the bathroom walls. The doors on a quadrant tend to be sliding doors and this again means that a quadrant enclosure takes up less floor space, and has the benefit of keeping he water inside the shower when the doors are opened.

Corner- a corner entry shower uses two glass panels to create a square or rectangle with the pre-existing bathroom walls and generally has sliding doors that open where each glass side joins.

In summary

Shower enclosures come in a range of sizes and shapes. If you have three walls close together a recessed enclosure may be perfect for you. In smaller bathrooms, a quadrant will take up less floor space. Take a look at our range of showers today.