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Kitchen renovation mistakes

Key decisions for an effective kitchen island

Here at Homematas we know how important the kitchen is. Bringing the family together over the aromas and tastes, the kitchen is the centre of the home. Having said that, if your kitchen is not quite perfect, or doesn’t give off the visual impression you would like, renovating your kitchen may be a good option. If you are thinking of renovating your kitchen here are some serious mistakes you should avoid.

Worktop space

One of the things that often get forgotten when renovating a kitchen is the practical need for a lot of worktop space, especially for homes that like to cook. The practicalities of the kitchen are greatly reduced if you don’t take into consideration the need for space to prepare food and ingredients. One way you can avoid this common mistake is to make a list of what you use your kitchen for most, and keep this in mind when touring showrooms looking for the perfect kitchen.


In a good kitchen design, the cooker, fridge and sink should be easily accessible from one another and not blocked off. Lots of people forget this important design feature, and if you want to use an island in your kitchen, that’s great, but make sure it doesn’t block of your access to the cooker, fridge or sink, as if so, you will quickly come to regret your decision.


Although it’s not the glossy face of your new kitchen renovation, that would be the worktops, flooring or new appliances, kitchen storage is one of the most important aspects of the kitchen, and is easily overlooked. With new innovation in storage and hidden storage areas, kitchen design is making great progress recognising that pots, pans and plates aren’t the only things needing storage in a kitchen. Food processors, baking equipment and toasty makers all need cupboard space and this doesn’t even consider the food storage. So, make sure you invest in your storage solutions, otherwise your new kitchen won’t live up to your expectations.

In summary

Kitchen renovations can add value and enjoyment to your home, as long as you consider worktop space, logical design layouts and are willing to invest in storage solutions. Here at Homematas we have a vast range of kitchen designs to suit all tastes and styles, take a look today.