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How to Update your Bathroom

Redesigning your bathroom can be as simple or as complicated as you make it, depending on fixtures and appliances. A simple update of your bathroom may not require any more effort than simply replacing each bathroom fixture at a time, but if your bathroom layout isn’t practical, you may need to think about rerouting water connections and plumbing pipes to make the most out of your bathroom space. Here at Homematas, we know just how important the bathroom is, so here is our handy guide for updating your bathroom.

There are several types of bathroom layout, each suitable for a range of homes, utilising the necessary fixtures and appliances in a variety of different ways. Deciding which type of bathroom you are aiming to create or modify is important, as each type has advantages and disadvantages:

  • The Custom Layout- makes use of the bathroom space with a full range of fixtures, just like an ordinary bathroom, but also includes built in cupboards and matching countertops to give you more usable work surface room, perfect for families.
  • En-suite or Attached Bathrooms- altering your existing bathroom into an attached bathroom is a popular choice, as is creating an en-suite from scratch. These tend to be smaller than the main bathroom in a household, and are often used by the adults of the home. This can affect design and layout choice, as many opt to go without a bath and instead make full use of the space with a shower cubicle or quadrant. Many attached bathrooms do not have windows so ventilation can be an issue that you will need to think about.
  • Wet Rooms- typically without a bath, a wet room is a bathroom that makes use of a shower, without an enclosure, with the water draining away via a drain in one area of the room. This means that everything in the bathroom needs to be waterproof, so a pre-existing, fully tiled bathroom has the potential to become a stunning wet room.

Once you have decided on the type of bathroom you are creating, be it a custom bathroom or even a wet room, there are some practical considerations to be aware of:

• Supply and waste pipes may need to be extended or modified because of changes in regulations
• Improve ventilation by adding a bathroom wall fan
• Stud walls may need modifying for some fixtures

At Homematas we have a range of bathroom suites to choose from, (not to mention kitchens, tiles and accessories) take a look today.