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Enhance your Kitchen Storage

When redesigning or renovating your kitchen, storage can be easy to overlook. With over 25 years in the kitchens and bathrooms business, here at Homematas we stock and sell a whole range of kitchen suites perfect for any home. But any kitchen suite can be enhanced or modified by adding or including hidden or extra storage. Here is your guide to enhancing your kitchen storage.

Unused Spaces 

Utilising otherwise unused areas in the kitchen in ingenious or inventive ways is a great way to keep the kitchen tidy, store all of your important items and help your kitchen be a more effective space. Using hanging racks in the space above the cooker but below the extractor fan can be used to store your frequently used pans and cooking utensils, while racks on the inside of cupboard doors can be used to store your freezer bags, kitchen foil or clingfilm so they don’t clog up your draw space. In addition, using a larder pull out between the fridge and the wall means that you can store all of your canned or jarred items in a small space that can be accessed simply by pulling out the rack, without intruding on your cupboard space.

Wall Space

Any wall space can be utilised either through shelving or using a hanging system. On shelving you can store jars and spices etc. freeing up your cupboard space for your plates or other food items. It’s also a great way to store cookbooks, out of the way of your worktops.

Double up on shelving 

If your kitchen makes use of wall shelving already, you can double up on this shelving space by using a thin curtain pole between the supports and hanging your fresh produce from this pole using a basket system. This is really easy to implement and means that your fruit bowl doesn’t need to take up your workspace. If you don’t have space for a pole, you can always use hooks from the bottom of the shelf itself- just check the weight doesn’t topple it.

Cupboard space

Using cupboard pull outs, magic corners and carousels, you can repurpose your cupboards to hold more items and make better use of the space you have. This is especially effective for small kitchens with limited cupboard space.
Here at Homematas we have a range of storage conscious kitchen suites and storage designs, so why not take a look today.