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Everything but the kitchen Sink

When redecorating, or renovating a kitchen, or even fitting an entirely new one, it is easy to concentrate on style, theme, colour scheme, tiles, cupboards and worktops…basically everything but the kitchen sink. Despite being easy to overlook, our 25 years of experience at Homematas has taught us that the kitchen sink is actually one of the most used areas of the kitchen, even for homes with a fitted dishwasher. For this reason, we at Homematas have written this guide to help you with common kitchen sink decisions.

Tap style and colour

Mixer taps or separate taps, movable taps or fixed place. Tap choice is actually one of the most practical decisions you can make for your new kitchen. Separate taps are still the cheaper choice for kitchen design, but these are becoming increasingly uncommon as they are often replaced with mixer taps. Mixer taps allow you to set the temperature you want with more control than separate taps, and they also tend to fall into the movable category for more freedom.

Tap colour remains relatively unchanged with chrome or black being the main options for consumers. Whichever colour you choose, the overall colour scheme of the room and the style you are creating should be taken into consideration to help you achieve your design goals.

Bowl design

A simple, main bowl design? Or perhaps a main bowl with a secondary bowl? The bowl within the sink should suit your requirements perfectly, and aim to support not only your cleaning, but also your cooking choices, for example, washing ingredients over the secondary bowl is a great way to keep hot water in the main bowl fresh for cleaning. Sinks with two or more bowls will need a movable mixer tap to ensure the perfect water temperature can be maintained over each of the bowls.

Drainage Space

Different sink designs are equipped with different drainage areas, many having only the one option to the left of the sink itself, but others have the sink in the centre of a large drainage area. The uses of the kitchen sink will differ from home to home, but be aware that draining board style and size is a choice you as the consumer can actively make.

In summary

Kitchen sinks are extremely important areas within the kitchen, yet are often overlooked in the planning and design phase. Your kitchen sink can present a range of choices including tap style and colour, bowl design, and drainage space, and these choices should be taken seriously so that your kitchen sink can enhance your overall design.