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Bathroom fixtures

Are you thinking about getting a new bathroom suite, or even renovating your existing bathroom? This can be the perfect opportunity to reassess your bathroom fixtures. Here at Homematas, we know just how important getting the right bathroom fixtures can be when creating the perfect bathroom. This is our guide for planning your new bathroom and bathroom fixtures.

Shower space?

Shower quadrants, shower enclosures or shower and bath combined? With millions of showers being taken across the UK on a daily basis, it is clear that showering is something we all have in common, and that we take quite seriously. Choosing the style of shower you install, be it a shower enclosure between three walls, or a shower quadrant in the corner of the bathroom with a curved sliding door, will make a difference to the practicalities of your bathroom and is one of the first uses of space you should consider.

To bath or not to bath?

With the ease and speed of showers, baths have been losing their popularity over recent years, but many people still enjoy a long relaxing soak in the tub. So, deciding on whether to include a bath in your latest bathroom plans is a key decision, as clearly baths take up more space than a shower, and in some small bathrooms, there is only room for one or the other. If a bath is something you enjoy, deciding on a built-in bath, a freestanding model or a corner bath is important, with freestanding baths bringing a modern touch to your bathroom, and a corner bath helping to save space.

Double or single?

Nope, not bed, don’t worry we are still on the bathroom topic. Of course, we mean double or single sinks! The use and popularity of the double sink has grown considerably over recent years, and it really adds a touch of elegance and style to your bathroom designs. They do however take up more room and plumbing than a single sink and in some bathrooms, a double sink is just not a practical choice.

In summary

Bathroom fixture choice tends to centre around shower, bath and sink design. Why not contact Homematas today for a consultation?