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How to choose a bath style


Shower bath, roll top bath, freestanding bath or built in bath unit, the choice of bath is integral to your overall bathroom theme. Here at Homematas, we know how important the perfect bathroom design can be, and how vital choosing the best bath style can be to your home. This is our guide to choosing the perfect bath style.

Shower bath

A shower bath is a really good way to combine both your bath and shower space so that smaller bathrooms can enjoy the luxury of both. Shower baths tend to be straight sided with a curve leading in to the shower area: either P or L shaped. With this kind of bath, a shower screen is important to prevent the water from splashing out of the bath and all over your lovely new bathroom. Shower baths are a very popular and practical option.

Corner bath

A corner bath is a stylish and modern touch to any bathroom but is perfectly designed for smaller bathrooms with less space. The corner bath is installed between two walls of your bathroom and can have a rounded front to make a quarter circle, or can be a rectangular shape with one side attached to each wall meeting in the middle. Corner baths save space, but the important thing to remember when installing a corner bath is to choose the correct hand side. Corner baths are either left or right hand sided and so some careful planning needs to go into deciding on the corner you will use, as this will determine the direction you choose for the bath to be facing.

Freestanding bath

The freestanding bath is a stylish and contemporary bathroom fixture that is steeped in stereotypes of luxury and indulgence. Perfect for larger bathrooms the freestanding bath requires more space than the previous two options as it will need accessible space on either side of the bath to aid usability.

In summary

There are a range of bath options available for redesigning and renovating your bathroom including shower baths, corner baths and freestanding baths. At Homematas we have a range of bathroom styles and fixtures, perfect for any home, take a look today.