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Kitchen colour schemes

When opting for a colour scheme for the kitchen, homeowners and property developers often have very different ideas about what it is they want to achieve. With homeowners, the focus is on creating a kitchen that will suite their needs, while matching their personal taste in colour choice. For property developers, however, the need to keep things neutral and suitable for a vast range of potential buyers is necessary. At Homematas we have a range of kitchen suite designs to suit all options, and this is our guide to kitchen colour schemes.


Finding the right tone in a kitchen can be challenging, especially when you want to add colour. However, a colourful kitchen doesn’t have to be bright and bold, softer colours can be perfect. The range of coloured cupboard doors we offer as part of our “Lucente Hand Painted” range can bring a touch of colour and class to any contemporary kitchen, without being overpowering. This makes it perfect for both homeowners and property developers alike.


Deciding on the material you will need for your cupboards or work surface space within the kitchen can determine the range of colour choices available to you. Wooden design typically are available in traditional wood based colours or monochrome, perfect for a traditional kitchen, but a glass or acrylic build may provide you with more scope and range in terms of colours.


Typically, contemporary kitchen cupboard doors are finished with a gloss or a matt finish, just check out our Italian “Reflections” range for an example. The choice in finish can determine the colour choices available, with both options making full use of neutral greys, creams, browns, and monochrome options, but unfortunately the bolder colours are actually only available in particular finishes, for example, the “Reflections” range have a high gloss finish offering stunning burgundy and aubergine choices, that are incredibly bold, but only available in high gloss.

In summary

Adding colour to your kitchen through cupboards and doors begs three main questions: are you willing to go subtle or bold, have you decided on a material, and have you selected a finish? Your answer to any of these questions will determine the range of colour options that are available.