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Advantages of different shower styles

Showers come in many different styles, sizes and shapes. As a result, choosing the perfect shower can be a challenge. From shower quadrants, to cubicles, shower styles all offer a different range of benefits. Here at Homematas in Preston, we are bathroom (and kitchen) specialists. As a result, we have produced this guide to the advantages of different shower styles.

Corner shower styles

Fitting a shower into the corner of your bathroom is a popular choice. This is also perfect for a small bathroom with limited space. However, corner showers cover a range of basis including a shower quadrant and a shower enclosure.

  • Shower quadrant– Nestled between two corner walls, with a curved glass front, a shower quadrant has a range of advantages. Not only is it extremely space saving, making it perfect for smaller bathrooms, but it is also visually appealing. The sliding glass doors that join to create the curved front, are much better than hinged doors. This is because water on the inside of hinged doors will run off onto the bathroom floor, making it slippy and potentially dangerous.
  • Shower enclosure- Using two straight glass panels between two corner walls, a shower enclosure can offer more space than other shower options. This is because the length of the glass panels can be “made to measure”, meaning that your shower size is less restricted. In addition, a shower enclosure can make use of a range of door styles to improve practicalities. These include bi-fold doors, hinged doors and sliding doors.

Recessed Shower Styles

One of the least common shower styles is the recessed shower. This is a shower that is created by three bathroom walls with a door across the front. The advantages to this style of shower include:

  • being the easiest to install- as long as the three walls are tiled and waterproof, all you have to do is attach a door and sealant to the front, the water outlet and the shower itself. In comparison to corner showers, this is a much easier job.

In summary

Different shower styles have a range of comparisons. We hope that this guide to the advantages of different shower styles will help you decide on your new shower style. If you need more help or advice, or if you are ready to begin shopping, why not visit our Preston based show room, or contact us online?