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The Advantages of Timber Effect Kitchen Cabinets

With wooden finishes remaining one of the most popular choices for kitchen suites, it is not surprising that timber effect is growing in popularity. With the visual appeal of real wood, timber effect suits a range of kitchen styles and colour schemes. But this is only one of the many advantages. Here at Homematas, we are Preston’s favourite kitchen experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to the advantages of timber effect kitchen cabinets.

advantages of timber effect kitchen cabinets


Man-made, timber effect cabinets are extremely durable, strong, and hard-wearing. They can withstand both heat and water, making them the perfect option for kitchens. In fact, real wood kitchen cabinets can split and crack because of heat or water. As a result, timber effect could be a more hard-wearing option.


Many homeowners now consider the environmental aspects of their lifestyle. From recycling to electricity use, people in general are now more conscious of the environment. Timber effect kitchen cabinets are the perfect substitute for real wood. With a good quality appearance that doesn’t require the felling of trees, its easy to see why timber effect has grown in popularity.

Price Range

For many homes, a kitchen suite made from real wood, including the kitchen cabinets, can be out of the price range and over budget. However, timber effect kitchen cabinets can be cheaper. This is because there is a huge amount of variance between the timber effect price ranges, and while some high end veneers can be extremely expensive, other timber effect options are more affordable. As a result, timber effect cabinets can suit almost any budget.

Low Maintenance

Timber effect kitchen cabinets need very little maintenance to keep them looking amazing. A simple warm water wash and dry can keep your timber effect kitchen cabinets fresh and appealing. In comparison to real wood, this is a huge advantage. From waxing to varnishing, real wooden cabinets and surfaces can take a huge amount of maintenance, to keep that just bought impression.

In summary

There are many advantages of timber effect kitchen cabinets. These include the price, the durability, the low maintenance and the environmentally friendly aspects of timber effect. If you are looking for your new kitchen, why not check our our online catalogue? Alternatively, you could visit our Bamber Bridge showroom.