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Avoiding Kitchen Design Mistakes

Designing a new kitchen, or remodeling an existing kitchen can lead to a range of design decisions. However, your dream kitchen can become a nightmare if you don’t plan and colour co-ordinate carefully. Practicalities are essential to the kitchen which is a room that can become the heart of the home. However, these are often overlooked in favour of colour and design choices. Here at Homematas, we are Preston based kitchen specialists. As a result, we have produced this guide to avoiding kitchen design mistakes.

Worktop space

Kitchens need a practical amount of workspace. Every homeowner would agree. It is especially important in homes that enjoy cooking as preparation space is key to the way that the space is used. Planning your kitchen without considering this necessity can lead to kitchens where the worktop space is not enough. As a result, the kitchen will not make the most of its potential. You can avoid this kitchen design mistake by planning worktop space for what you need. This could be part of the kitchen layout itself.

Kitchen Layout

The layout of your kitchen is a personal preference. From G shaped kitchens to L shaped kitchens, you can make the most of your kitchen space available. Of course, different layouts lead to different amounts of worktop space, and the importance of this has been previously discussed.

Kitchen layout also impacts on the working triangle. This is the triangle between the oven, the fridge and the sink. These key kitchen features should be accessible from each other with no obstacles. Otherwise your kitchen will not be practically efficient, and cooking will become a challenge.

You can avoid this kitchen design mistake by planning a layout that will suite your space, and be accessible.

Kitchen Storage

One of the most common kitchen design mistakes is to overlook storage solutions. While attention may be paid mostly to the colour, style and finish of a new kitchen, it is the practical storage that will make or break your kitchen. Hidden storage and innovative space saving solutions are necessary to the practical function of your kitchen. Overlooking this will lead to a frustrating kitchen that cannot store all of your items. This is probably the biggest kitchen design mistake.

Avoiding this kitchen design mistake is however quite simple. Make sure you plan for your storage needs and check out kitchen suites with innovative storage solutions.

In summary

Avoiding kitchen design mistakes is essential for creating the perfect kitchen. If you are ready to shop for your perfect kitchen, why not contact us at Homematas, or visit our Bamber Bridge store?