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Advantages of laminate kitchen worktops

When it comes to worktops, laminate can be a fantastic option. Both stone and natural wood require a lot of maintenance, and Corian and solid surfaces can be expensive. Laminate however, has a range of practical advantages that could be the better choice for your kitchen. And here at Homematas, we are Preston’s leading kitchen design experts. From contemporary kitchens, to traditional or rustic kitchens, we have a range of products and services to suit every home. As a result, we have produced this guide to the advantages of laminate kitchen worktops.

What is a laminate worktop?

First of all, what is a laminate worktop? Well, a laminate worktop is created by fusing different layers of impregnated paper, and bonding this to a substrate. This is usually MDF or something similar. The laminate is wrapped around the top, and in some cases all the sides. For other worktops, only the visible edges will be covered with the laminate.

Advantages of laminate kitchen worktops

There are a number of advantages of laminate kitchen worktops. These include:

  • the waterproof nature of the laminate- laminate is non-porous, which means that your work surfaces will be fully waterproof and any spills or splashes can be wiped off easily, without absorbing into the worktop.
  • the laminate is available to suit any style- from a contemporary kitchen, to a traditional kitchen, laminate can be made to look exactly like any other worktop material. This includes, slate, timber, stone, and quartz. So it can be used to good effect in any kitchen.
  • laminate worktops are affordable- because they are produced easily, they are often more affordable than composite work surfaces, or those made of natural materials like wood or stone
  • laminate is durable- because of the hard MDF on the inside, and the waterproof laminate on the outside, laminate is fairly resistant to impact, stains and water. However, it is not heat resistant, and can be seriously damaged by hot pans or steam
  • laminate requires less maintenance- laminate is easy to keep clean, and to look after because it just needs a simple wipe with a cloth. You can use most cleaning products on laminate without causing damage, unlike Corian or other solid surfaces, and you do not need to treat a laminate surface as you would a hard wood worktop. This makes it really easy to loo after.

Why not take a look at our range of laminate worktops, here at Homematas? Preston’s leading kitchen experts.